January 4 Weather History

...1780... A great snowstorm and gale struck George Washington's headquarters at Morristown, burying his army and buffeting the British supply fleets at sea.

...1859... "Deep snow" fell in New England. 26 inches fell at Middletown, Connecticut, and 36 inches at Hartford, Connecticut. 30 inches fell in 12 hours at Goffstown, New Hampshire. .

...1888... Sacramento CA received 3.5 inches of snow, an all-time record for that location. The heaviest snow in recent history was two inches on February 5th in 1976. (4th-5th)

...1904... Newport, Rhode Island recorded it's all time lowest wind chill at 38 degrees below zero. The day maximum temperature only got to 5 degrees and the morning low was minus one degree.

...1917... A F3 tornado cut a 15 mile path through Pittsburg County in Oklahoma. 16 people were killed.

...1944... Newport, Rhode Island recorded a wind gust of 56 miles per hour, breaking the record of 44 miles per hour set in 1904.

...1949... Downtown Los Angeles, California dipped to 28 degrees -- its coldest temperature on record.

...1971... A blizzard raged from Kansas to Wisconsin, claiming 27 lives in Iowa. Winds reached 50 mph, and the storm produced up to 20 inches of snow.

...1981... The second record cold blast engulfed the Northeast during the 1980-81 winter season. Record lows included 27 degrees below zero at Burlington, Vermont and Caribou, Maine, 18 below at Portland, Maine, 7 below at Providence, Rhode Island, 4 below at Newport, Rhode Island and 8 below at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Other cold temperatures included 42 below at Old Forge, New York and East Haven, Vermont, and 41 below at Enosburg Falls, Vermont and Houlton, Maine.

...1982... Milwaukee WI was shut down completely as a storm buried the city under 16 inches of snow in 24 hours. It was the worst storm in thirty-five years.

...1987... A storm moving off the Pacific Ocean spread wintery weather across the southwestern U.S., with heavy snow extending from southern California to western Wyoming. Up to 15 inches of snow blanketed the mountains of southern California, and rainfall totals in California ranged up to 2.20 inches in the Chino area.

...1988... Frigid arctic air invading the central and eastern U.S. left Florida about the only safe refuge from the cold and snow. A storm in the western U.S. soaked Bodega Bay in central California with 3.12 inches of rain.

...1989... Up to a foot of snow blanketed the mountains of West Virginia, and strong winds in the northeastern U.S. produced wind chill readings as cold as 60 degrees below zero in Maine. Mount Washington NH reported wind gusts to 136 mph along with a temperature of 30 below zero!

...1990... A winter storm moving out of the southwestern U.S. spread heavy snow across Nebraska and Iowa into Wisconsin. Snowfall totals in Nebraska ranged up to 7 inches at Auburn and Tecumseh. Totals in Iowa ranged up to 11 inches at Carlisle. In Iowa, most of the snow fell between midnight and 4 AM.

...1992... A subtropical low pressure area developed explosively over the Gulf Stream waters east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and and apparently deepened 18 millibars in just 3 hours. The central pressure dropped from 994 to 976 millibars and bottomed out at 968 millibars 3 hours later. An offshore buoy recorded a pressure drop of 9.2 millibars in just one hour. Major coastal flooding and beach erosion occurred along the New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia coasts as the storm "made landfall". A wind gust to 83 mph was recorded at Indian River, Delaware and a gust to 89 mph occurred at Chincoteague, Virginia. Ocean city, Maryland was hit "very hard" with winds sustained at 50 mph and gusts to 70 mph. At the Ocean City airport, the runways were flooded at their worst ever. Substantial beach erosion was reported at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware which rivaled damage one by the great March 1962 storm. Total damage reached $45 million in New Jersey alone. Rainfall at inland locations over the Mid-Atlantic was very heavy in some places with Witts Orchard, Virginia checking in with a 24 hour total of 7.56 inches.

...1994... A major winter storm blanketed much of the northeastern U.S. with heavy snow. More than two feet was reported in northwestern Pennsylvania, with 33 inches at Waynesburg. There were ten heart attacks, and 185 injuries, related to the heavy snow in northwest Pennsylvania. Whiteout conditions were reported in Vermont and northeastern New York State. A wind gusts to 75 mph was clocked at Shaftsbury VT. In the Adirondacks of eastern New York State, the town of Tupper reported five inches of snow between 1 PM and 2 PM.

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