February 24 Weather History

...1852... The Susquehanna River ice bridge at Havre de Grace MD commenced to break up after forty days of use. A total of 1738 loaded freight cars were hauled along rails laid on the ice.

...1894... The low temperature at Newport, Rhode Island dropped to 3 degrees below zero, setting the record low for the date.

...1905... The temperature at Valley Head, Alabama fell to 18 degrees below zero. This was the coldest temperature ever recorded in Alabama until January 1966.

...1936... Vermont and New Hampshire received brown snow due to dust from storms in the Great Plains Region. A muddy rain fell across parts of northern New York State.

...1948... The high barometric reading at Newport, Rhode Island peaked at 30.93 inches, breaking the record of 30.47 inches set in 1936.

...1987... A massive winter storm began to overspread the western U.S. In southern California, Big Bear was blanketed with 17 inches of snow, and Lake Hughes reported four inches of snow in just one hour. Snow pellets whitened coastal areas of Orange County and San Diego County, with three inches at Huntington Beach. The storm also produced thunderstorms with hail and waterspouts.

...1988... Strong winds produced snow squalls in the Great Lakes Region which created "white-out" conditions in eastern Upper Michigan. Squalls produced up to 14 inches of snow in Geauga County of northeastern Ohio.

...1989... A total of thirty-three cities in the eastern U.S. reported new record low temperatures for the date, and an Atlantic coast storm spread heavy snow from Georgia to southern New England. Snowfall totals in New Jersey ranged up to 24 inches in May County, with 19 inches reported at Atlantic City. Totals in North Carolina ranged up to 18 inches in Gates County, and winds along the coast of North Carolina gusted to 70 mph at Duck Pier. Strong winds gusting to 52 mph created blizzard conditions at Chatham MA.

...1990... Strong northerly winds prevailed from Illinois to the Southern and Central Appalachians. Winds gusted to 68 mph at Sewickley Heights PA. High winds caused considerable blowing and drifting of snow across northern and central Indiana through the day. Wind gusts to 47 mph and 6 to 8 inches of snow created white-out conditions around South Bend IN. Traffic accidents resulted in two deaths and 130 injuries. Sixty-five persons were injured in one accident along Interstate 69 in Huntington County. Wind gusts to 60 mph and 4 to 8 inches of snow created blizzard conditions in eastern and northern Ohio.

...1992... As of 2:45 am CST, International Falls, Minnesota had recorded 29.5 inches of snow for the month with snow still falling. This set a new monthly snowfall record for February. The old record was 29.0 inches set back in 1911. A new record was also set for winter season snowfall (Dec-Feb) with 68.5 inches. The old record was 67.9 inches set in 1990-91.

...1994... The Crystal Mountain Ski Resort in Washington state recorded 65 inches of snow in a 24 hour period, the state record for 24 hour snowfall.

...2004... Heavy snows blanket wide areas of northern New Mexico, closing schools and highways. he mountains east of Santa Fe receive 20 inches. Sandia Park, east of Albuquerque, measures 11 inches. 8 inches falls at Los Alamos.

...2007... La Crosse, Wisconsin was in the middle of a three day snowstorm over which times 21 inches of snow fell -- the city's biggest single snowstorm on record.

...2015... The snow depth was 16 inches at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 12 inches set back in 1902.

...2017... Temperature records were broken at Newport, Rhode Island on this day. The high temperature reached 61 degrees, breaking the record of 60 degrees set in 2000, the minimum temperature only dipped to 45 degrees, breaking that record of 43 degrees, set in 2000 and the mean temperature rose to 53 degrees, breaking that record of 52 degrees set also in 2000.

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