February 22 Weather History

...1773... The memorable "Cold Sabbath" in New England history. Many persons froze extremities while going to church.

...1904... 1.89 inches of rain fell at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 1.32 set in 1900.

...1912... A wind gust of 90 miles per hour was recorded at Newport, Rhode Island on this day making it the highest speed for February and the 5th all time highest wind gust at that location.

...1936... Although heat and dust prevailed in the spring and summer, early 1936 brought record cold to parts of the U.S. Sioux Center IA reported 42 inches of snow on the ground, a state record. (20th-22nd)

...1971... A two day blizzard dumped 36 inches on Buffalo, Oklahoma -- a state record for a single storm snowfall. Winds 30 to 50 mph whipped the snow into drifts 20 feet high.

...1986... A twelve day siege of heavy rain and snow, which produced widespread flooding and mudslides across northern and central California, finally came to an end. The storm caused more than 400 million dollars property damage. Bucks Lake, located in the Sierra Nevada Range, received 49.6 inches of rain during the twelve day period.

...1987... A storm moving northeastward out of the Gulf of Mexico began to spread heavy snow across the Middle Atlantic Coast Region. Thunderstorms in northern Florida produced wind gusts to 65 mph in Alachua County.

...1988... Dry weather prevailed across the nation, with windy conditions from the Central Rockies to northern New England. Winds gusted to 58 mph at Cleveland OH, and reached 63 mph at Erie PA. Winds in the Central Rockies gusted to 120 mph at Mines Peak CO and Rendezvous Peak WY.

...1989... Strong northwesterly winds ushering cold arctic air into the north central U.S. produced snow squalls in the Great Lakes Region, with heavy snow near Lake Michigan. Totals in northwest Indiana ranged up to 24 inches at Gary, and up to 16 inches buried northeastern Illinois.

...1990... Thunderstorms developing along and ahead of a cold front produced severe weather from southern Mississippi to North Carolina. One thunderstorm spawned a tornado just prior to dawn which touched down near Opp AL injuring ten persons and causing half a million dollars damage. Thunderstorm winds injured four persons south of Troy AL, and five people at Columbus GA. Thunderstorm winds gusted to 76 mph at Dothan AL.

...1996... Record heat continued over the south central U.S. All-time February high temperatures were set at San Angelo, Texas (97 degrees), Wichita Falls, Texas (93 degrees), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (92 degrees), and Wichita, Kansas (87 degrees).

...1998... Seven tornadoes struck east central Florida late on this date and early on the 23rd. Three of the tornadoes were rated F3 on the Fujita scale. 24 people were killed in Kissimmee alone. A total of 42 people were killed, 265 injured, and total damage was $106 million. This was the worst tornado outbreak in Florida's history.

...2015... There was a 20 inch snow pack at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 17 inches set in 1902.

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