December 21 Weather History

...1892... Portland OR was buried under a record 27.5 inches of snow. (21st-24th)

...1929... An exceptional storm produced snow from the Middle Rio Grande Valley of Texas to southern Arkansas. The storm produced 26 inches of snow at Hillsboro TX, 18 inches at El Dorado AR, and 14 inches at Bossier LA. (21st-22nd)

...1954... 7.2 inches of snow fell at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 0.3 inches set back in 1897.

...1955... The morning low temperature fell to 3 degrees below zero and a wind chill of 23 degrees below zero at Newport, Rhode Island, both records for the date.

...1964... A great warm surge from the Pacific Ocean across Oregon and northern California brought torrential rains on a deep snow cover resulting in record floods.

...1987... A 4 day siege of heavy rain began in the south central U.S., as Little Rock, Arkansas experienced their wettest December day on record with 5.01 inches of rain. Flooding throughout the south central U.S. claimed 4 lives and caused millions of dollars in property damage. Total rainfall in exceeded 12 inches in the Memphis, Tennessee area.

...1988... Seven cities in the eastern U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date, including Charleston SC with a reading of 78 degrees. A storm in the northwestern U.S. produced 22 inches of snow at Idaho City ID in two days, and up to two feet of snow at Happy Camp CA. Ski resorts in Idaho reported three to six feet of snow on the ground.

...1989... Forty cities in the north central U.S., including thirteen in Iowa, reported record low temperatures for the date. Havre MT and Jordan MT tied for honors as the cold spot in the nation with morning lows of 43 degrees below zero, and the temperature remained close to 40 degrees below zero through the daylight hours. Dickinson ND reported a morning low of 33 degrees below zero and a wind chill reading of 86 degrees below zero. The high for the date of 16 degrees below zero at Sioux Falls SD was December record for that location.

...1998... Cold air spread into the southern San Joaquin Valley of California. For the next four nights, temperatures in the agricultural portions of Fresno, Tulare, and Kern counties dropped below 28 degrees for several hours at a time. In some locations, temperatures dipped into the teens. The California citrus industry suffered more than $600 million in damages due to the extreme cold.

...2009... The snow depth at Newport, Rhode Island was 20 inches deep, breaking the record of 11 inches set back in 1904.

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