December 16 Weather History

...1835... New England experienced one of their coldest days of record. At noon on that bitterly cold Wednesday the mercury stood at four degrees below at Boston, 15 degrees below at Norfolk CT, and 17 degrees below at Hanover NH. The temperature at Boston was 12 degrees below zero by sunset. Gale force winds accompanied the severe cold, and that night a great New York City fire destroyed much of the financial district.

...1890... A big snowstorm commenced over Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on this day and continued into the 17th. 23.9 inches of snow fell in 24 hours -- the greatest 24 hour snowfall on record for the city.

...1917... An ice jam closed the Ohio River between Warsaw KY and Rising Sun IN. The thirty foot high ice jam held for 58 days, and backed up the river a distance of 100 miles.

...1927... A wind gust of 56 miles per hour was recorded at Newport, Rhode Island, setting the record high for the date.

...1945... Lake effect snow squalls buried Buffalo, New York under 24.3 inches of snow in 24 hours.

...1971... The high temperature at Newport, Rhode Island peaked at 62 degrees, breaking the record of 58 degrees set back in 1947.

...1972... The barometer fell to 28.87 inches at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 29.06 set back in 1927.

...1987... A Pacific storm battered the coast of California with rain and high winds, and dumped heavy snow on the mountains of California. Winds along the coast gusted to 70 mph at Point Arguello, and winds in the Tehachapi Mountains of southern California gusted to 100 mph at Wheeler Ridge. Snowfall totals ranged up to 24 inches at Mammoth Mountain. Snow fell for two minutes at Malibu Beach, and Disneyland was closed due to the weather for only the second time in twenty-four years. A winter storm which began in the Southern Rockies four days earlier finished its course producing snow and high winds in New England. Snowfall totals ranged up to 19 inches at Blanchard ME.

...1988... Fairbanks AK reported freezing rain and record warm temperatures. The afternoon high of 41 degrees was 43 degrees above normal. Snow and high winds continued to plague the mountains of southern California. Mount Wilson CA reported two inches of rain in six hours during the early morning, and a storm total of more than 3.50 inches of rain.

...1989... Fifty-seven cities from the Southern and Central Plains to the Appalachians reported record low temperatures for the date, including North Platte NE with a reading of 17 degrees below zero. Squalls in the Great Lakes Region produced 18 inches of snow at Syracuse NY, and 30 inches at Carlisle IND. Low pressure brought heavy snow to northern New England, with 18 inches reported at Derby VT and Saint Johnsbury VT.  At Newport, Rhode Island 6.2 inches of snow fell, breaking the record of 5.5 inches set back in 1896.

...2000... An F4 tornado hits communities near Tuscaloosa, AL, killing 11 people and injuring 125 others. It was the strongest December tornado in Alabama since 1950.

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