December 14 Weather History

...1907... At Newport, Rhode Island 5.3 inches of snow fell, breaking the record of 1.1 inches set in 1902.

...1924... The temperature at Helena MT plunged 79 degrees in 24 hours, and 88 degrees in 34 hours. The mercury plummeted from 63 above to 25 below zero. At Fairfield MT the temperature plunged 84 degrees in just 12 hours, from 63 at Noon to 21 below zero at midnight.

...1982... The wind chill dipped to minus 15 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island breaking the record of minus 12 set in 1976.

...1987... A powerful storm spread heavy snow from the Southern High Plains to the Middle Mississippi Valley, and produced severe thunderstorms in the Lower Mississippi Valley. During the evening a tornado hit West Memphis TN killing six persons and injuring two hundred others. The tornado left 1500 persons homeless, and left all of the residents of Crittenden County without electricity. Kansas City MO was blanketed with 10.8 inches of snow, a 24 hour record for December, and snowfall totals in the Oklahoma panhandle ranged up to 14 inches. Strong winds, gusting to 63 mph at Austin TX, ushered arctic cold into the Great Plains, and caused considerable blowing and drifting of snow.

...1988... Blowing snow was reported in western Kansas, as snow and gusty winds plagued the Central Rockies and Central High Plains. Colorado Springs CO reported thirteen inches of snow. Low pressure in Wisconsin brought heavy snow to the Lake Superior snow belt area, with 22 inches reported at Marquette MI.

...1989... High winds and heavy snow prevailed from Montana to Colorado. Snowfall totals in Wyoming ranged up to 20 inches at Burgess Junction, leaving up to 48 inches on the ground in the northeast sections of the state. Wind gusts in Colorado reached 87 mph south of the town of Rollinsville. Strong northwesterly winds continued to produce heavy snow squalls in the Great Lakes Region. Totals in northeastern Lower Michigan ranged up to 29 inches at Hubbard Lake, with 28 inches reported at Posen. Two day totals in northeastern Wisconsin ranged up to thirty inches.

...2006... The Hanukkah Eve Wind Storm of 2006 caused storm to hurricane-force wind gusts and heavy rainfall hit the Pacific Northwest and southern British Columbia. Damage estimates in Washington and Oregon totaled $220 million. Over 1.8 million residences and businesses without power. 18 people were killed, most of whom died of carbon monoxide poisoning in the days following the storm because of improper use of barbecue cookers and generators indoors.

...2010... A rare tornado struck the small town of Aumsville, Oregon, tearing roofs off buildings, hurling objects into vehicles and homes and uprooting trees. No one was injured but the destruction left behind was severe. The National Weather Service classified the tornado as an EF2 with wind speeds of 110-120 mph and they said the tornado's damage trail was five miles long and 150 yards wide. 50 houses in Aumsville and the surrounding county area were affected, with 10 of them being unsuitable for occupancy.

...2015... The high temperature reached 60 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island breaking the record of 58 degrees set in 2001 and 1901.

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