December 7 Weather History

...1740... In early December two weeks of mild and rainy weather culminated in the worst flood in fifty years in the Lower Connecticut River Valley. The Merrimack River swelled to its highest level, and in Maine the raging waters swept away mills, carried off bridges, and ruined highways.

...1935... Severe flooding hit parts of the Houston TX area. Eight persons were killed as one hundred city blocks were inundated. Satsuma reported 16.49 inches of rain. The Buffalo and White Oak Bayous crested on the 9th. (6th-8th)

...1953... A wind gust of 68 miles per hour was recorded at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 55 miles per hour set in 1983 and 1959 and the second highest wind gust for the month of December.

...1981... Newport, Rhode Island woke up to 17 inches of snow on the ground, breaking the record of 5 inches set back in 1926.

...1987... Heavy rain fell across eastern Puerto Rico, with 19.41 inches reported at Las Piedras. Flooding caused five million dollars damage. Another in a series of storms hit the northwestern U.S., with wind gusts above 100 mph reported at Cape Blanco OR. While snow and gusty winds accompanied a cold front crossing the Rockies, strong westerly winds, gusting to 93 mph at Boulder CO, helped temperatures in western Kansas reach the 60s for the sixth day in a row. Freezing drizzle in northeastern slowed traffic to 5 mph on some roads in Morrow County.

...1988... An outbreak of cold arctic air brought up to 18 inches of snow to the Colorado Rockies, with 14 inches at Boulder CO, and seven inches at Denver. Heavy snow blanketed New Mexico the following day, with 15 inches reported near Ruidoso.

...1989... A storm moving out of the Central Rocky Mountain Region spread snow across Kansas and Oklahoma into Arkansas and Tennessee. Snowfall totals ranged up to 7.5 inches at Winfield KS. Freezing rain on trees and power lines cut off electricity to 24,000 homes in northeastern Arkansas, and 40,000 homes in the Nashville TN area were without electricity for several hours.

...1996... A rapidly deepening coastal storm crossed New England, giving the region its second heavy snowfall in as many days. 20.5 inches of snow fell at Groton, Vermont, 19.5 inches was recorded at New Ipswich, New Hampshire, 18 inches piled up at Ashburnham, Massachusetts, and 16.5 inches was measured at Union, Connecticut. Over eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire, the snow was extremely wet. Snow was still on trees and other objects from the previous day's storm, and this combined with the new snow and some rain mixing in resulted in an enormous amount of tree damage. Over 900,000 people lost power with 500,000 in Massachusetts alone. 113,000 in Massachusetts were without power for several days. This was the most extensive and costliest weather related power outage in New Hampshire's history as 94,000 lost power during the storm.

...1998... Record warmth prevailed across the Northeast. All-time record high temperatures for December were set at the following locations: Boston, Massachusetts (76 degrees), Worcester, Massachusetts (72 degrees), Providence, Rhode Island (77 degrees), Newport, Rhode Island (67 degrees, one degree off the December all time high, set three days earlier on the 4th), Windsor Locks and Bridgeport, Connecticut (76 degrees), Concord, New Hampshire (73 degrees),  Portland, Maine (71 degrees).

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