December 6 Weather History

...1886... A great snowstorm hit the southern Appalachian Mountains. The three day storm produced 25 inches at Rome GA, 33 inches at Asheville NC, and 42 inches in the mountains. Montgomery AL received a record eleven inches of snow. Columbia SC received one to two inches of sleet. (4th-6th)

...1950... Duluth, Minnesota had their greatest 24 hour snowfall when 25.4 inches fell.

...1970... A windstorm toppled the National Christmas Tree at the White House.

...1977... The low barometer fell to 28.85 inches, breaking the record of 29.13 inches set in 1962.

...1981... Newport, Rhode Island recorded 13.9 inches of snow, breaking the record of 4.4 inches set in 1910.

...1987... Another in a series of storms brought high winds and heavy rain to the northwestern U.S., with heavy snow in some of the higher elevations. In northern California, Crescent City was drenched with 2.58 inches of rain, and winds gusted to 90 mph. Up to fourteen inches of snow blanketed the mountains of northern California, and snow and high winds created blizzard conditions around Lake Tahoe NV.

...1988... The morning low at Bismarck ND was eleven degrees warmer than the record low of 25 degrees at Meridian MS, and during the afternoon half a dozen cities in the north central and northwestern U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date, including Alpena MI with a reading of 57 degrees.

...1989... Heavy snow blanketed the Central Rocky Mountain Region. Totals in the southern foothills of Colorado ranged up to 17 inches at Rye. Arctic air invaded the north central U.S. Lincoln NE, which reported a record high of 69 degrees the previous afternoon, was 35 degrees colder. International Falls MN was the cold spot in the nation with a morning low of 9 degrees below zero, and temperatures in northern Minnesota hovered near zero through the daylight hours.

...1996... A tightly wrapped 990 millibars (29.93 inches) low dumped unexpected heavy wet snow over eastern Pennsylvania, southeastern New York, and southern New England. Snowfall totals included 19 inches at Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, 18 inches at Cornwall, Connecticut, 17.6 inches at Worthington, Massachusetts, and 16 inches at East Jewett, New York. Winds gusted to 75 mph at Nantucket, Massachusetts and to nearly 100 mph offshore from a ship on Georges Bank.

...2001... On top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire, the temperature reach 47 degrees -- its highest temperature ever recorded in the month of December.

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