August 28 Weather History

...1847... The "Union College Tornado" struck the Union College Campus at Schenectady, New York.

...1898... Torrents of rain accompanied by a furious wind upset the rain gage at Fort Mohave AZ. However, water in a wash tub set out on the mesa, clear of everything, measured eight inches after the 45 minute storm.

...1911... Saint George GA was deluged with 18.00 inches of rain in 24 hours to establish a state record.

...1948... High temperature of 97 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island set a record for the date.

...1959... Lieutenant Colonel William Rankin bailed out of his plane at a height of 46,000 feet into a violent thunderstorm, and lived to write about the 45 minute journey (which normally would have been a thirteen minute descent). He described it as one of the most bizarre and painful experiences imaginable.

...1962... Hurricane Alma brushed southern New England. At Newport, Rhode Island 1.99 inches of rain fell, wind gust of 42 mph and a pressure of 29.56 inches.

...1971... Heavy rains from Tropical Storm Doria hit the noreast on this day.  Newport, Rhode Island recorded a wind gust of 51 miles per hour aned a barometric reading of 29.46 inches of mercury.  Itcaused devastating floods in central and northeast New Jersey resulting in 138 million dollars damage. In southeastern Pennsylvania, high winds downed trees and power lines, and in New York City, heavy rains flooded streets and subways. 

...1973... A rather strong tornado (F4) for the northeast U.S. touched down in extreme eastern New York and moved into Massachusetts, leveling a truck stop at West Stockbridge. 4 people were killed and 43 were injured.

...1986... The temperature at Apalachicola FL dipped to 62 degrees to shatter their previous August record by four degrees, having tied their August record high of 99 degrees on the 2nd of the month.

...1987... Severe thunderstorms broke the heat in the southeastern U.S. and the Gulf Coast Region, but not before seven cities reported record high temperatures for the date. The severe thunderstorms produced wind gusts to 80 mph downing large trees around Horse Shoe NC, and pelted southeastern Meridian MS with hail two inches in diameter.

...1988... Tropical Storm Chris spawned a tornado near Manning SC which killed one person, and spawned three tornadoes in North Carolina. Chris produced one to two foot tides, and three to six inch rains, over coastal South Carolina. Severe thunderstorms in New York State and Vermont, developing ahead of a cold front, spawned a tornado which killed one person at Hector NY, produced tennis ball size hail at Brandon VT, and produced wind gusts to 80 mph at Lyndonville VT.

...1989... Early morning thunderstorms in Nebraska produced 4.50 inches of rain around McCook, and 4.65 inches near Auburn and Brownville. Showers in Montana pushed the rainfall total for the month at Havre past the previous August record of 3.90 inches.

...1990... A deadly tornado struck Kendall and Will Counties in northern Illinois. This tornado was an F5 on the Fujita scale. 29 people were killed and 350 were injured. Total damage in the two counties was $165 million. Proper tornado warnings were not issued as coordination between local National Weather Service Offices and spotter networks was inadequate, prompting an official NOAA investigation.

...1992... Rapidly intensifying Typhoon Omar cut right across the U.S. territory of Guam in the western Pacific. At the time of Landfall winds were sustained at 125 mph around the eye. Anderson Air Force Base had sustained winds of 104 mph with a peak gust to 150 mph, recorded a pressure reading of 945.8 millibars, and was deluged with 16.41 inches of rain. Agana Naval Air Station reported wind gusts exceeding 170 mph and a low pressure reading of 932 millibars. The storm surge reached 10 feet on the northeast side of the island. The Western Pacific Typhoon Warning Center was knocked out of commission, less than a week after hurricane Andrew severely damaged the Atlantic region's National Hurricane Center in Coral Gables, Florida. One person was killed, 132 people were injured, over 4000 homes were damaged or destroyed, and total damage was 487 million dollars. This was the strongest typhoon to strike Guam since Typhoon Pamela in 1976.

...1998... The outer fringes of Tropical Storm Bonnie brushed southern New England. At Newport, Rhode Island rain only totaled 0.45 inches, 20 mph wind gust and 29.74 barometer.

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