August 17 Weather History

...1885... The highest temperature ever recorded in the United States during the month of August occurred at Amos, California. The mercury hit 130 degrees.

...1905... At Newport, Rhode Island the low temperature fell to 52 degrees, setting the record low temperature for the date.  It was later tied in 1957 and 1981.

...1915... A hurricane hit Galveston TX with wind gusts to 120 mph and a twelve foot storm surge. The storm claimed 275 lives, including forty-two on Galveston Island, with most deaths due to drowning. Of 250 homes built outside the seawall (which was constructed after the catastrophic hurricane of 1900), just ten percent were left standing.

...1944... The high temperature peaked at 91 degrees at Newport, Rhode Island on this day, setting the record high temperature for the date. It was later tied in 2002.

...1951... Hurricane Charlie stuck Jamaica with sustained winds of 125 mph and a central pressure around 28.29 inches (958 millibars. )152 people were killed, 2000 were injured, and damages totaled $65 million.

...1958... The remnant of Tropical Sotrm Becky passed to the south New England coast; Newport, Rhode Island received .34 inches of rain, a wind gust of 31 miles per hour and the barometric fell to 29.58 inches of mercury.

...1969... Camille, the second worst hurricane in U.S. history, smashed into the Mississippi coast. Winds gusted to 172 mph at Main Pass Block LA, and to 190 mph near Bay Saint Louis MS. The hurricane claimed 256 lives, and caused 1.3 billion dollars damage. Several ocean going ships were carried over seven miles inland by the hurricane. The hurricane produced winds to 200 mph, and a storm surge of 24.6 feet. Complete destruction occurred in some coastal areas near the eye of the hurricane.

...1981... 6.89 inches of rain fell at Caribou, Maine for its greatest 24 hour rainfall on record.

...1987... Evening thunderstorms produced severe weather in the Northern and Central Plains Region. One thunderstorm spawned a tornado near Fairbury NE, along with baseball size hail and wind gusts to 100 mph, causing severe crop damage west of town. Ten cities in the eastern U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date. Syracuse NY hit 97 degrees for the first time in twenty-two years.

...1988... Fifty-five cities, from the Middle Mississippi Valley to the Middle Atlantic Coast Region, reported record high temperatures for the date. Beckley WV reported an all-time record high of 96 degrees, and Baltimore MD hit 104 degrees, marking their thirteenth day of the year with 100 degree heat. Chicago IL equaled a record with 46 days of 90 degree weather for the year. Thunderstorms produced severe weather from Wisconsin to New Jersey. Thunderstorms in New Jersey produced high winds which gusted to 92 mph at Wrightstown, and blew down a circus tent at Lavallette injuring fourteen persons.

...1989... Morning thunderstorms produced three to six inch rains in Oklahoma, and the Arkalatex area of Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana. Tom OK was soaked with 5.98 inches of rain, and Foreman AR received 5.55 inches. Evening thunderstorms produced high winds in the Wasatch Front of northern Utah. Thunderstorm winds gusted to 66 mph at Salt Lake City, and flash flooding caused up to two million dollars damage to a marina on Lake Powell.

...1994... Boise, Idaho recorded its 41st day in a row with maximum temperatures of 90 degrees or higher to set a new all-time record for the city. -Grand Junction, Colorado hit 100 degrees for its latest 100 degree temperature on record. -Severe thunderstorms belted central Oklahoma. Winds gusted to 113 mph at Meno with a sustained wind of 78 mph for 5 minutes. Wind gusts hit 104 mph at Mangum and 97 mph at Hobart. Hail up to 4.5 inches in diameter, driven by the winds, totaled 30 mobile homes in Okarche.

...1997... .90 inches of rain fell in one hour at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the old record of .54 inches set back in 1966.

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