August 13 Weather History

...1795... The second hurricane of the year caused flooding in the Virginia and North Carolina area - it was a very wet summer! A sun was widely observed in the southern states. The phenomena was believed to have pre-staged Nat Turner's slave uprising.

...1919... High winds and heavy rain struck the Middle Atlantic Coast Region. In New Jersey, winds gusted to 60 mph at Atlantic City, and nine inches of rain fell at Tuckerton. The wind and rain leveled crops and stripped trees of fruit causing several million dollars damage.

...1831... A "blue sun" was observed widely in the south. It was thought to have presaged Nat Turner's slave uprising. The phenomenon continued several days.

...1955... The remnants of Hurricane Connie passed to the southwest of New England. Newport, Rhode Island recieved .72 inches of rain and a wind gust of 46 miles per hour.  The wind gust set the daily record high for the date, breaking the old record of 24 miles per hour set in 1953 and 1954.

...1957... The low temperature at Newport, Rhode Island dipped to 50 degrees, breaking the old record of 54 degrees that was set back in 1902 and 1941.

...1963... At Newport, Rhode Island, the low barometric pressure fell to 29.35 inches of mercury, breaking the previous record of 29.72 inches set in 1952.

...1980... The afternoon high at New York City was just 89 degrees. But there were fifteen days of 90 degree heat during the month, their hottest August of record.

...1985... Hail larger than golf balls, driven by 70 mph winds, moved down crops, stripped trees, and broke windows, near Logan KS. Road graders cleared three foot drifts of hail on Kansas Highway 9 east of Logan. 

...1987... Thunderstorms deluged the Central Gulf Coast States with torrential rains. Thunderstorms in Mississippi drenched Marion County with up to 15 inches of rain during the morning hours, with 12.2 inches reported at Columbia. Floodwaters swept cars away in the Lakeview subdivision of Columbia when the the Lakeview Dam broke. Flash flooding caused more than three million dollars damage in Marion County.

...1988... A dozen cities in the northeastern U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date. Lansing MI reported a record 35 days of 90 degree weather for the year, Detroit MI reported a record 37 days of 90 degree heat for the year, and Williamsport PA reported a record 38 days of 90 degree weather for the year.

...1989... Thunderstorms developing in a tropical air mass over the northeastern U.S. soaked Connecticut and Massachusetts with four to eight inches of rain over the weekend, between the 11th and 13th of the month. Hartford CT received 7.70 inches of rain.

...1989... Phoenix, Arizona topped out at over 100 degrees for the 65th day in a row. This set a new record for consecutive days above 100 degrees. The old record of 64 days was set back in 1989.

...2001... .77 inches of rain fell at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the old record of .40 inches set back in 1955.

...2004... The remnants of tropical storm Bonnie passed well to the south of Rhode Island; Newport, Rhode Island recorded .96 inches of rain. Hurricane Charley rapidly deepened just hours before landfall near Punta Gorda, Florida, going from a category 2 to a category 4 hurricane. Sustained winds at landfall were 150 mph and the pressure dropped to 941 millibars. Extreme wind damage occurred over all of Charlotte County with and 8 foot storm surge in Lee County. Well over hurricane force winds in gusts occurred far inland as the hurricane accelerated to the northeast. Orlando, Florida measured a peak gust of 105 mph -- an all-time record wind gust for this location. 15 people lost their lives to the hurricane and total damage was 14 billion dollars, making Charley the second costliest hurricane up to this time.

...2016...  It was a hot and muggy day at Newport, Rhode Island on this day.  The high temperature reached 89 degrees, breaking the record of 88 degrees set in 1907, 1918, 1936 and 1947.  The dew point waws a very muggy 79 degrees, breaking the old record of 76 degrees set in 1999 and it was tied for the second highest dew point at this location.  The heat index was a hot 104 degrees, breaking the previous record of 97 degrees set in 2005.

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