August 6 Weather History

...1890... Thunderstorms left four inches of hail covering the ground in Adair County and Union County in Iowa. The hail drifted into six foot mounds, and in some places remained on the ground for twenty-six days.

...1918... Unusually hot weather began to overspread the Atlantic Coast States, from the Carolinas to southern New England. At Newport, Rhode Island the temperature peaked at 95 degrees, breaking the record of 86 degrees set in 1916.  The temperature soared to an all-time record high of 106 degrees at Washington D.C., and Cumberland and Keedysville hit 109 degrees to establish a state record for Maryland. Temperatures were above normal east of the Rockies that month, with readings much above normal in the Lower Missouri Valley. Omaha NE reached 110 degrees.

...1947... Sault Ste Marie, Michigan hit 98 degrees which is its highest temperature ever recorded. This was equaled on other dates.

...1952... Heavy rain in thunderstorms affected Newport, Rhode Island on this day. Total rainfall for the day was 2.39 inches, breaking the old record of 1.60 inches set in 1945. 1.56 inches of rain fell in one hour, breaking the previous record of .02 inches set in 1948.

...1959... A bucket survey showed that thunderstorms dropped 16.70 inches of rain on parts of Decatur County IA. The total was accepted as Iowa's 24 hour rainfall record.

...1972... At Newport, Rhode island the low temperature got down to 52 degrees, breaking the previous record of 54 degrees that wes set in 1951

...1986... All rainfall records were broken at Milwaukee (Wisconsin) International Airport as intense thunderstorms unloaded on the area. Here is a breakdown of the new records: 5 minutes, 1.10 inches;  2 hours, 5.24 inches;  10 minutes, 1.40 inches;  3 hours, 5.73 inches;  15 minutes, 1.54 inches;   6 hours, 6.24 inches;   30 minutes, 2.42 inches;  12 hours, 6.60 inches;  1 hour, 3.06 inches;   24 hours, 6.84 inches.   The baseball field at Milwaukee County Stadium was under 4 feet of water. Total damage was $5.9 million.

...1987... Afternoon thunderstorms deluged Milwaukee, WI, with 6.84 inches of rain, including more than five inches in two hours, breaking all previous rainfall records for the city. Floodwaters were four feet deep at the Milwaukee County Stadium, and floodwaters filled the basement of the main terminal at the airport. Flooding caused 5.9 million dollars damage, and claimed the life of one person. Death Valley, CA, reported a morning low of 97 degrees. A midday thunderstorm deluged Birmingham AL with nearly six inches of rain in one hour.

...1988... Severe thunderstorms produced large hail and damaging winds in Pennsylvania and New York State. A cold front crossing the northwestern U.S. produced wind gusts to 66 mph at Livingston MT.

...1989... The barometric pressure at Newport, Rhode Island fell to 29.38 inches, breaking the previous record of 29.48 inches set in 1954. Thunderstorms developing ahead of a cold front produced severe weather from northwestern Texas to the Southern Appalachians, and in the northeastern U.S. There were 136 reports of large hail or damaging winds during the day and evening. Thunderstorms in the Southern Plains Region produced tennis ball size hail northwest of Buffalo OK, and wind gusts to 100 mph at Pampa TX.

...1993... Severe thunderstorms spawned 18 tornadoes in Virginia in only 5 hours. An F4 ripped through Petersburg, killing 4 and injuring 246. Total damage was $47.5 million.

...2002... The average wind for the day at Newport, Rhode Island was a windy 12.4 miles per hour, breaking the old record of 10.9 miles per hour set in 1981 and 1988.

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