April 29 Weather History

...1903... The high temperature at Newport, Rhode Island peaked at 82 degrees on this day, breaking the record of 66 degrees set the year before in 1902.

...1905... The town of Taylor, in southeastern Texas, was deluged with 2.4 inches of rain in fifteen minutes.

...1909... 1.3 inches of snow fell at Newport, Rhode Island, setting the record high snowfall for the date.

...1910... The temperature at Kansas City MO soared to 95 degrees to establish a record for the month of April. Four days earlier the afternoon high in Kansas City was 44 degrees, following a record cold morning low of 34 degrees.

...1928... A coastal storm dumped tremendous late season snows in the central Appalachians with 35 inches at Bayard, West Virginia, 31 inches at Somerset, Pennsylvania, and 30 inches at Grantsville, Maryland. High winds accompanying the heavy wet snow uprooted trees and unroofed a number of homes. The storm caused great damage to fruit trees and wildlife.

...1963... A tornado, as much as 100 yards in width, touched down south of Shannon MS. The tornado destroyed twenty-seven homes along its eighteen mile path, killing three persons. Asphalt was torn from Highway 45 and thrown hundreds of yards away. Little rain or snow accompanied the tornado, so it was visible for miles.

...1973... The Mississippi River reached a crest of 43.4 feet, breaking the previous record of 42 feet established in 1785.

...1987... A storm off the southeast coast of Massachusetts blanketed southern New England with heavy snow. Totals of three inches at Boston MA, 11 inches at Milton MA, and 17 inches at Worcester MA, were records for so late in the season. Princeton MA was buried under 25 inches of snow. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

...1988... Thunderstorms produced large hail and high winds in central Texas. Baseball size hail was reported at Nixon, and wind gusts to 70 mph were reported at Cotulla. Heavy rain in Maine caused flooding along the Pemigewassett and Ammonoosuc Rivers. (

...1989... Thunderstorms produced severe weather in Arkansas, Louisiana and eastern Texas, with more than 70 reports of large hail and damaging winds. Softball size hail was reported at Palestine TX. Hail as large as tennis balls caused ten million dollars damage around Pine Bluff AR.

...1990... A storm system crossing northern New Mexico blanketed parts of the Rocky Mountain Region and the Northern High Plains with heavy snow, and produced blizzard conditions in central Montana. Much of southern Colorado was buried under one to three feet of snow. Pueblo tied an April record with 16.8 inches of snow in 24 hours. Strong canyon winds in New Mexico, enhanced by local showers, gusted to 65 mph at Albuquerque. Afternoon temperatures across the Great Plains Region ranged from the 20s in North Dakota to 107 degrees at Laredo TX.

...1992... The low temperature at Newport, Rhode Island fell to 30 degrees, breaking the record of 32 degrees set in 1909 and 1934.

...1995... Severe thunderstorms moved across Tarrant county in Texas. Hail up to 3.5 inches in diameter did an enormous amount of damage. 100 aircraft were damaged at DFW airport. Damages in the county totaled $220 million. This was the second major hailstorm to hit the area in a month.

...2017... At Newport, Rhode Island the high dew point rose of 63 degrees, breaking the record of 58 degrees set back in 1981 and 2011 and was the tied for the all time highest dew point for April (April 19, 1976, April 19, 1987 and April 9, 1991 were the other dates)

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