April 28 Weather History

...1893... A 1/2 mile wide F4 tornado killed 23 people and injured 150 as it tore a path of devastation through Cisco, Texas. Every building in the town was either totally destroyed or severely damaged.

...1904... 2.93 inches of rain fell at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 1.28 inches set in 1898.

...1921... A severe hailstorm in Anson County NC produced hail the size of baseballs. Gardens, grain fields and trees were destroyed. Pine trees in the storm's path had to be cut for lumber because of the hail damage.

...1928... A coastal storm produced tremendous late season snows in the Central Appalachians, including 35 inches at Bayard WV, 31 inches at Somerset PA, and 30 inches at Grantsville MD. High winds accompanying the heavy wet snow uprooted trees and unroofed a number of homes. The storm caused great damage to fruit trees and wild life.

...1932... The low temperature at Newport, Rhode Island fell to 32 degrees, setting the record for the date. It was later tied in 1947 and 1992.

...1966... At Newport, Rhode Island the barometric pressure rose to 30.68 inches, breaking the record of 30.48 that was set back in 1901.

...1967... A wind gust of 51 miles per hour was recorded at Newport, Rhode Island on this day, breaking the record of 39 miles per hour set in 1956.

...1973... The all-time record crest of the Mississippi River at St. Louis, Missouri was recorded at 43.3 feet. This exceeded the former 1884 mark by 1.9 feet.

...1987... A cold rain began in the morning hours over New England and turned to heavy wet snow by mid afternoon. Record amounts of snow piled up with the heaviest amounts in the higher elevations. In Massachusetts, Princeton was buried under 25 inches of snow and Ashburnham checked in with 21 inches. even Boston, right on the ocean, had 4 inches of snow for a new late season snowfall record. 18 inches was recorded at Francestown, New Hampshire and 15 was reported at Glocester, Rhode Island. This late season snowstorm put a strain on the record books at Worcester, Massachusetts. The 17 inches for the storm was the biggest and latest snowstorm on record. Total snowfall for April was 21 inches. This broke the old record for April which was 20 inches in April 1894. Total April precipitation now stood at 8.76 inches, the most precipitation in April ever. The storm also brought the 1986-87 season snowfall to 93.7 inches, the 6th snowiest season on record.

...1988... Miami FL hit 92 degrees, marking a record eight days of 90 degree heat in the month of April. Squalls produced snow in the Washington D.C. area. Belvoir VA reported a temperature reading of 57 degrees at the time the snow began.

...1989... Strong northerly winds and heavy snow ushered cold air into the north central U.S. Snowfall totals in Montana ranged up to 20 inches at Miles City. Thunderstorms produced severe weather from eastern Texas to the Southern Appalachians and the southern Ohio Valley. Hail four and a half inches in diameter was reported at Keller TX and White Settlement TX.

...1990... Thunderstorms produced severe weather in the southeastern U.S. during the day. Severe thunderstorms spawned four tornadoes, including one which injured four persons at Inman SC. There were also more than one hundred reports of large hail and damaging winds, with better than half of those reports in Georgia. Strong thunderstorm winds injured four people at Sadler's Creek SC.  Twenty-nine cities in the northeastern U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date as readings soared into the 80s and lower 90s. Newport, Rhode Island recorded a high temperature of 82 degrees, breaking the previous record of 80 degrees set back in 1935.  Highs of 88 degrees at Binghamton NY, 94 degrees at Buffalo NY, 89 degrees at Erie PA, 90 degrees at Newark NJ, 93 degrees at Rochester NY and 92 degrees at Syracuse NY, were records for the month of April.

...1992... Intense thunderstorms dumped large hail up to 4.5 inches in diameter and produced wind gusts to 100 mph across Tarrant, Dallas, and Ellis counties in north Texas, resulting in the most costliest severe thunderstorm event in the state's history up to the time. Total damage was around 600 million dollars. More than 15,000 homes and 21,000 automobiles were damaged due to hail.

...1993... It was a chilly day at Newport, Rhode Island on this day when the wind chill got down to 22 degrees, breaking the record of 25 degrees from 1972, 1992 and 1996 and the dew point fell to 5 degrees, shattering the record of 17 degrees set in 1967 and 1972.

...2002... An F4 tornado tracked through Charles and Calvert Counties in Maryland, killing 3, injuring 122, and doing $115 million in damages. In La Plata, 65 percent of the buildings were destroyed in the downtown area. Cancelled checks, bank and tax documents from La Plata were found in southern Delaware, over 60 miles away.

...2009... Great Falls, Montana was in the middle of a three day snowstorm over which time 25.4 inches fell -- the city's biggest snowstorm on record. Mountain locations in the area had much more, with 60 inches at St Mary and 43 inches at Badger Pass.

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