April 18 Weather History

...1880... A major tornado outbreak occurred from Arkansas to Michigan with 22 tornadoes rated F2 or greater. 3 F4 tornadoes in Missouri did most of the killing with 68 people killed at Marshfield, Missouri. Another F4 tornado in Missouri was on the ground for 93 miles. 165 peopled were killed in this outbreak and over 500 were injured.

...1906... A severe earthquake shook San Francisco, and unusual easterly winds spread fires destroying the city.

...1944... California experienced its worst hailstorm of record. Damage mounted to two million dollars as two consecutive storms devastated the Sacramento Valley destroying the fruit crop.

...1957... A dust devil near Dracut MA lifted a small child three feet into the air, and rolled two other children on the ground. Fortunately none of the three were hurt. The dust devil was accompanied by a loud whistling sound as it moved westward.

...1970... Rapid City SD received a record 22 inches of snow in 24 hours. (17th8th)

...1976... At Newport, Rhode Island the temperature peaked at 80 degrees, breaking the record of 79 degrees set back in 1896.

...1987... Thirty-one cities in the central U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date, including International Falls MN with a reading of 88 degrees, and Bismarck ND with a high of 92 degrees. A sharp cold front produced high winds in the western U.S. Winds in Utah gusted to 99 mph at the Park City Angle Station, and capsized a boat on Utah Lake drowning four persons.

...1988... Afternoon and evening thunderstorms produced large hail and damaging winds in the southeastern U.S. A strong (F-2) tornado severely damaged seventeen mobile homes near Bainbridge GA injuring three persons.

...1989... Thunderstorms produced large hail and damaging winds in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. A thunderstorm in Pecos County of southwest Texas produced wind gusts to 90 mph at Imperial.

...1990... Heavy snow blanketed the west central valleys and southwest mountains of Colorado with up to 18 inches of snow. Nine cities from the Mid Mississippi Valley to the Middle Atlantic Coast Region reported record low temperatures for the date, including Fort Wayne IN with a reading of 23 degrees.

...1996... 27 inches of snow over the last three days from an upper level low pressure system raised the snow cover on top of Mount Mansfield, Vermont to an impressive late season 135 inches.

...1997... The barometric pressure fell to 28.99 inches at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the previous record of 29.19 inches set in 1967.  A wind gust of 196 mph was recorded on Grandfather Mountain (elevation 5300 feet) in western North Carolina.

...2001... A trace of snow fell at Newport, Rhode Island, setting the record high for the date.

...2003... The low temperature at Newport, Rhode Island dropped to 29 degrees, breaking the record of 31 degrees set back in 1948.

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