April 3 Weather History

...1915... A heavy Easter weekend snowstorm produced 5 to 20 inches from the Mid Atlantic to southern New England. 19.4 inches fell at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 17 inches at Trenton, New Jersey, 15 inches at Dover, Delaware, 10.2 inches at New York City and 4.9 inches at Newport, Rhode Island.

...1954... The low temperature at Newport, Rhode Island dipped to 21 degrees, breaking the record of 24 degrees that was set in 1894 and 1911.

...1955... Record snows fell in north central Wyoming and south central Montana. Billings MT received a storm total of 42.3 inches, and on the 4th reported a record snow depth of 35 inches. Sheridan WY established a 24 hour snowfall record of 26.7 inches. (2nd-4th)

...1956... An F5 tornado chewed its way through Hudsonville, Standale, and Grand Rapids, Michigan. 18 people were killed and 340 were injured.

...1964... Wichita Falls, Texas was hit by an F5 tornado. 7 people were killed and 111 were injured. Great damage was done at Sheppard Air Force Base where 3 tanker planes, a hanger, the power plant, and the chapel were all destroyed.

...1967... The high temperature peaked at 73 degree at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 72 degrees set back in 1945.

...1970... A wind gust of 56 miles per hour was recorded at Newport, Rhode Island, breaking the record of 47 miles per hour set in 1954. The snow depth was 4 inches on this day, breaking that record of one inch set back in 1898.

...1974... A "Super-Outbreak" of tornadoes ravaged the Midwest and the eastern U.S. Severe weather erupted early in the afternoon and continued through the next day. Severe thunderstorms spawned 148 tornadoes from Alabama to Michigan, most of which occurred between 1 PM (CST) on the 3rd and 1 AM on the 4th. The tornadoes killed 315 persons, injured 5300 others, and caused 600 million dollars damage. Alabama, Kentucky and Ohio were especially hard hit in the tornado outbreak. One tornado destroyed half of the town of Xenia OH killing 34 persons. Another tornado, near the town of Stamping Ground KY, produced a path of destruction a record five miles in width. A tornado raced through Guin AL at a speed of 75 mph. Two powerful tornadoes roared across northern Alabama during the early evening hours, killing fifty persons and injuring 500 others. Some rescue vehicles responding to the first tornado were struck by the second.

...1975... At Newport, Rhode Island the barometric pressure fell to 28.89 inches, breaking the previous record of 29.06 inches set in 1970.

...1987... A large, slow moving low pressure produced very heavy snows over the Appalachian Region starting on the 3rd and continuing into the 5th. 60 inches fell at Newfound Gap in western North Carolina -- the largest single storm snowfall in the state's history. Up to 36 inches was reported in southeastern Kentucky. The total of 25 inches at Charleston, West Virginia easily surpassed its previous record for the entire month of April of 5.9 inches. The 20.6 inch total at Akron, Ohio established an all-time record for that location. Interstate 40 was closed by snow for the first time since it was opened 20 years ago. This storm also dumped heavy snow in central and northeastern Alabama. Never before had a snowfall blanketed Alabama in April. 10 inches fell at Valley Head, 9 inches piled up at Fort Payne, and Birmingham recorded 6 inches. Lightning and thunder accompanied the snow in some areas while snow flurries fell as far south as Mobile. This was the first snow ever reported in the month of April in Mobile since records began in 1872. The storm became known unofficially as the "Dogwood Snowstorm" in the state.

...1988... A wind gust to 114 mph was clocked at Ann Arbor MI during a tornadic thunderstorm. Thunderstorms in Michigan and Indiana spawned five tornadoes that Easter Sunday, and also produced golf ball size hail.

...1989... Thunderstorms produced severe weather from the Southern Plains to the southern and central Appalachians. The thunderstorms spawned twenty tornadoes, including one which caused eight million dollars damage at Fort Branch IN.

...1990... Rain and snow prevailed in the northeastern U.S., with snow reported in New York State. Boston MA was soaked with 2.91 inches of rain during the day and night and Newport, Rhode Island received 2.54 inches of rain, and up to half a foot of snow blanketed the hills of Steuben County NY that Tuesday night.

...1996... Marquette, Michigan recorded 12.6 inches of snow on this day to raise its seasonal snowfall to 250.8 inches -- the city's snowiest winter ever (until 1997!). The old record was 243.8 inches set back in 1981-82. The snowfall for the month now stood at 43.4 inches -- the snowiest April on record for the city as well.

...2005... Heavy snow from a slow moving cut off low began to wind down over Ohio, northwestern Pennsylvania, and western New York. Two day snowfall totals included 29 inches at Colt Station, Pennsylvania, 26.5 inches at Stockton, New York, 24.8 inches at Thompson, Ohio, and 18 inches at Erie, Pennsylvania.

...2008... An EF-1 tornado knocks down numerous tress and power lines, destroys homes in Leawood and Cammack Village and passes directly over the Little Rock National Weather Service office. Six tornados were confirmed in central Arkansas, but no fatalities were reported.

...2009... 0.1 inches of snowfall fell at Spokane, Washington on this day and this was the last accumulating snow for the 2008-09 season for this location, bringing the seasonal total to 97.7 inches -- the city's snowiest on record.

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